Jason Welch Cracks the Ton!




I "cracked the Ton" for the first time today. I was following Suzanne in her car, and she swung into the left lane on route 101 and stepped on it. I knew what she was doing. We had talked about it the other day, similar situation but I let off around 90mph... I think. She gave me hell for letting off that day. Can't read the speedo once I hit 85 or so, the needle dances like a cheering section. Today was different. I was prepared for that last 10mph. I knew I had to lean down on the tank and open the throttle full on. The noise that the motor makes is that of a snarling tiger. It felt good. At 90, my front wheel starts to bounce a bit, I think it is out of balance, but shit, I don't notice it till I hit 90. This has been my "ok, I'm done" point in the past. Not today. Today I was ready. I rolled on, leaned down, and held on. I hit 103mph before I let off. My directional signals were doing the dance of joy, and I could see my wife in the car ahead of me celebrating as we slowed down. The directional signals come lose and spin from all the vibration. It usually pisses me off to no end, but today I was ok with it. I had just cracked the ton for the first time on a 1973 machine that was born three months before me.

Jason & Suzanne Welch

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photographer: www.jaygaffney.com