Hopey’s 1972 Triumph Daytona T100R (the McBike)

I fell in love with this bike even before I knew how to ride it. While lurking around swap meets in 2003, I spotted this cute little 500 for sale and even had a photo snapped of me standing next to it. I told the seller for months that it was going to be my bike. To which he would retort "You again? Just BUY it why don'tcha!" And so after handing him quite a few greenbacks, I was off to NH at 5am to retrieve it. The seller gave me a quick history of the bike (it was originally maroon) and some historical "rebuild" photos.

A girl on a motorcycle is not a rare sight these days. But a girl who's crazy enough to ride around on an old Triumph, now that's a treat! The "McBike" has another nickname, "Old Man Magnet" - but I don't mind meeting the various folks from all walks of life who enjoy re-telling their stories of youth on a Brit bike. The stories always ended as: 1) I shoulda never sold it, 2) I crashed it, or 3) the wife got it in the divorce.

It has been through a nail-biting top-end re-build, camping in VT, various vintage/classic shows, commuting, climbing mountains, crashing scooter rallies, rockabilly gigs, pubs, and has stopped at more Dunkin' Donuts than you can shake a shifter at!

The only things I have changed on the bike are the pipes, muffler, and seat cover. I love my McBike!